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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Ward Folders

Introducing Ward Folders:

Keeping Patients Informed and Empowered

At Wirral University Teaching Hospital, we believe in putting patients first. That's why we've launched the Ward Folders project – an initiative designed to make your hospital stay as comfortable and informative as possible.

What are Ward Folders?

Ward Folders are guides packed with useful information to help you feel more relaxed and secure during your time on the adult inpatient wards.

Inside, you'll find:

Your Care:

Learn how to keep yourself safe and well during your stay, including advice on falls prevention, hand hygiene, and staying hydrated.

The Ward:

Get to know the layout of the ward, the roles of the staff caring for you, and the everyday routines.

Hospital Information:

Find out about visiting times, meal schedules, how to access Wi-Fi, and more.

Discharge Preparations:

Learn about the discharge process and the support services available to you after leaving the hospital.

Phase 1:

A Patient-Driven Initiative

The Ward Folders project was born from patient feedback – you wanted to know more about your ward, the processes, and how to stay safe and recover quickly. Phase 1, which has just been launched, focuses on the topics our patients requested, patient safety, and patient bed flow.

Your Opinion Matters: Phase 2

This is just the beginning! We're always looking for ways to improve the Ward Folders. For Phase 2, we plan to add details on reasonable adjustments, hidden disabilities, and a section for visitors. But we want to hear from you:

- Was the information in Phase 1 helpful?
- Are there any other topics you'd like us to cover?
- Do the planned additions for Phase 2 sound useful?
- Is there anything else you think we should include?

Share your feedback by emailing us at wuth.corporatenursing@nhs.net, WhatsApp us at 07776623547 fill out this survey

All adult inpatient wards will have Ward Folders available at each patient's bedside. We're also releasing an online flipbook version, making the information accessible to anyone, anywhere.

At Wirral University Teaching Hospital, we're committed to empowering our patients and providing the best possible care. Stay tuned for updates on the Ward Folders project and share your thoughts – we're listening!

Want to view the Ward Folder online? - Click Here