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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Your Appointment

What to expect during your appointment

About your appointment

Your first visit will be for an initial assessment with a clinician who practices Orthotics called an Orthotist. They are required to be registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and are professionals with a degree qualification in Prosthetics and Orthotics.

As the Orthotist will need to see the affected limb or area it is helpful to wear or bring appropriate clothing. For example, with foot and ankle problems it is useful to come in trousers which can be easily rolled up, shorts or a skirt, and a pair of trainers or sensible shoes with a lace, velcro or buckle fastening. For knee problems it would be useful to bring shorts.

Following this assessment you may be measured for bespoke items such as footwear, or advised where to purchase retail items which are widely available. You may also be advised that no orthosis is necessary.

What should you bring to your appointment?

It would be helpful if you could bring the following:

  • A list of questions you may want to ask your Orthotist
  • Any previous orthoses you have been issued with
  • A spare pair of footwear if you are being assessed for a raise
  • Suitable clothing for your assessment
  • Suitable footwear if you are being assessed for insoles

Will you need more than one visit?

You may need multiple visits.  For example, if the orthosis needs to be ordered then you will need to attend a second appointment to have the item fitted.  Sometimes the ordered orthosis will need to be trial fitted and sent back to be completed so you may not receive your finished orthosis until your third appointment.  You may also need further review appointments to ensure that the orthosis continues to fit and function correctly after supply.