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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Post Registration Application Process

Module Application 2019
Applying for funding to support the upskilling within your role

The module application process has changed,

  • Discuss with your line manager and identify the learning as part of your annual individual review. Please refer to the Trust HR & OD Education Policy
  • If your line manager feels it is appropriate learning for your role they will add it onto their departments training needs analysis which is completed an academic year in advance.
  • Once you are ready to apply for the module and it has been agreed with your line manager please contact Clinical Skills on ext 8644 for a funding application form
  • When completing the application please ensure the supporting information demonstrates the benefits of the module to your current role and patient care/service improvement
  • Please discuss with your line manager regarding course dates before applying
  • Once submitted your application form will be reviewed and feedback will be provided by email. If you have been successful in securing funding support you will be provided with a purchase order number which you will need to provide to the course provider.

For further information please contact Lead for Clinical Excellence on ext 8352