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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Home Haemodialysis Video

The Home Haemodialysis Video

As part of our Patient Experience Strategy Supported Promise, our patients asked us to provide more information about how we can support them more with their aftercare.

In this video, we are privileged to share Steve's inspiring story of his experience with Home Haemodialysis, in his own words.

This video is part of our Patient Experience Strategy Supported promise: "Working together to plan my aftercare." Join Steve as he takes us on his personal journey of embracing home haemodialysis. Steve shares his insights on how haemodialysis works, the requirements, and the countless benefits it offers. Listen to his first-hand account of how this treatment option has positively impacted his life.

This video aims to shed light on the potential for home haemodialysis, providing valuable information that encourages you to have an open discussion with your healthcare providers. Discover the freedom and empowerment that comes with taking an active role in your treatment decisions. Our dedicated team of healthcare professionals will guide you through the entire process, explaining how haemodialysis works, the necessary requirements, and the incredible benefits it offers. Discover how you could take control of your treatment by learning about the step-by-step procedures involved in home haemodialysis. We'll cover the equipment needed, provide tips on setting up your dialysis station, and ensure you feel confident and empowered throughout your journey. By embracing home haemodialysis, you gain the flexibility to tailor your treatment schedule to fit your lifestyle while maintaining the highest standard of care.

Experience the convenience of dialysis in a familiar environment, enabling you to spend more quality time with loved ones and pursue your passions.

Remember, this video serves as a starting point for your own exploration of home haemodialysis, encouraging meaningful conversations with your healthcare providers.


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