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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Discharge Hospitality Centre Video

Discharge Hospitality Centre (DHC) Video

As part of our Patient Experience Strategy, we want to raise awareness of our discharge hospitality centre (DHC)!

We want your discharge process to be as smooth as possible - and the DHC makes this possible!

This video will take you on a tour of how the DHC can benefit not only you, but your relatives or carers too.

We're committed to responding to your feedback, and we know that the transition when leaving the hospital can come with uncertainties, which is why we want to raise awareness of the facilities we have in place to support you through your discharge process!

Are you currently in hospital and unsure of what is available to you to help ensure a smooth discharge process? Why not give this video a watch! We hope it helps you feel more informed and comfortable.

Click here to watch the video.