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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Hospital at Home

The Children’s Hospital at Home Team consists of a group of experienced Children’s Nurses providing acute nursing care in the child’s home. The service is intended for children who could be nursed at home for all or part of their illness. Following admission to hospital, children who require further hospital care with the emphasis on nursing rather than medical intervention would be eligible for the scheme. Whilst on the scheme children and young people will have a designated consultant.

The Hospital at Home Team involves the whole family in planning and caring.

This  acute service operates 7 days a week 08.30-22.00. Eligibility for the service is assessed by strict crig for the child in the home. It is the aim of the Team to empower parents and carer’s by providing teaching and health promotion, allowing them to become partners in their child’s care.

Usual length of stay on the scheme is between 24-48 hrs usually followed by a 48 hour telephone access service.

The service is constantly developing and is able to care for children with a wide range of conditions including.

  • Fractured Femurs nursed in Tobruk Splints
  • Long term Intravenous antibiotic therapy
  • Oncology Patients
  • Surgical Patients
  • Dermatology Patients
  • Babies requiring short term oxygen therapy.

Feedback from service users has been positive, the most common theme stating that the service has allowed families to continue with normal life with minimal disruption.