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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Children’s Emergency Department

What We Do

The Children’s Emergency Department is based at Arrowe Park Hospital. A dedicated team of doctors, nurses and support staff from both Emergency Care and Paediatrics work together in the department caring for children with a wide range of injuries and illness. The children attend the department from a variety of sources, including GPs, Walk-in Centres, Specialist Nurses, Midwives and Schools, along with those who attend requiring emergency treatment who may be brought directly to the department by their families or by ambulance.

Children who are ill or injured are seen in our dedicated Children’s Emergency Department (CED). Children may be referred to CED by their GP or from the Walk-in Centre. The department can call upon the expertise of doctors and nurses from throughout the hospital to assess and treat ill and injured children.

Out of hours - children will be assessed and treated within the main Emergency Department of the hospital.

The Cheshire Freemason’s provide teddy bears which are given to children attending the department.