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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Emergency Department

In a life threatening emergency, phone 999 for an ambulance to take you straight to the Emergency Department (ED).

The ED at Arrowe Park Hospital is for patients with major injuries, life threatening illnesses and urgent medial emergencies. Emergency services are very busy and you should only attend ED if you become seriously ill.

Our Emergency Department provides care for all patients on the Wirral and the surrounding area. Each year the department cares for over 90,000 patients.

If you attend our department you will be assessed via a process known as triage. The purpose of triage is to assess the seriousness of a patient’s condition and ensure that the most seriously ill patients are treated first.

Children will be seen in the Children’s Emergency Department.

Department Location

The Emergency Department at Arrowe Park Hospital is located on the ground floor of the hospital and is clearly visible from the main car park. 

If your medical condition is not serious, there are several options available to you: