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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Cancer Support Teams

There are a range of teams working to assist the Cancer Specialisms work seamlessly across WUTH. Click on the below to find out more.

Macmillan Clinical Nurse Specialists

There are currently 27 Macmillan Cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists working across 11 specialties and three divisions within the organisation. All Nurses are line managed by the matrons with the divisions supported by the Macmillan Lead Cancer Nurse. All the nurses are experienced professionals with the knowledge and skills to support the specific cancer groups.

Although roles vary across the Trust all nurses work aim to provide support to cancer patients at diagnosis and throughout their cancer journey. As per the recommendations of the National Cancer Strategy all the teams are working towards providing a Holistic Needs Assessment (HNA) at diagnosis and developing a care plan with the patients to address their key concerns.

All the nurses are committed to the survivorship agenda and empowering patients with knowledge and skills to manage their individual cancer. All the CNS have designed posters which depict their service and have been used in showcase events in addition to the Health and Well-being events.

All nurses have attended the two day psychological skills training required to undertake HNA and have access to clinical supervision from a level three psychologist


Cancer Management Team

The Cancer Management team consists of The Cancer Manager (Lynsey Gorman), Clinical Lead (Liviu Titu), Macmillan Lead Cancer Nurse, (Dawn Miller) and Data Manager (Evelyn Roganski,) together they are responsible for driving the implementation of the National Cancer Strategy at a local level and ensuring that cancer services delivered at WUTH are of a high quality. 


Lead Cancer Clinician

The Lead Clinician is responsible for the clinical organisation, leadership and delivery of cancer within the Trust.


Macmillan Lead Cancer Nurse

The Lead Cancer Nurse works with the Cancer Services Manager and the Lead Cancer Clinician to ensure the delivery of the NHS Cancer plan and promote the survivorship agenda for patients living with and beyond cancer. To provide professional nursing advice and leadership to the cancer Clinical Nurse Specialists within WUTH supporting the delivery of a high quality, patient centred cancer care. The Macmillan Lead Cancer Nurse manages and work alongside the Macmillan Cancer Information centre to ensure patients and carers across the organisation are supported with the information they require.  


Cancer Services Manager

The Cancer Services Manager provides a Trust wide focus for directorate and service specific managers.  Responsibilities include the implementation of national cancer service standards and the implementation of action plans resulting from cancer services peer review process.


Cancer Data Manager

The Cancer Data Manager is responsible for data relating to cancer for patients referred, diagnosed and treated at Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and timely submission of accurate and quality data to the National Cancer Registry and National Audits. 

MDT Coordinators

The MDT co-ordinators are responsible for entering all patients with a suspected cancer onto the Somerset Cancer database. This system then allows the co-ordinators to track the patients through out patients, diagnostics and co-ordinate results for discussion at Multi-Disciplinary Team (MDT) meetings to determine the best outcome decision for each individual patient. 

The role of the co-ordinators is to ensure that patients are tracked proactively in line with cancer performance targets and to prevent breaches of required time frames. In addition they collect local data required for cancer performance targets and escalate any significant issues.