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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Planning to get you home

We know that patients recover best at home, so that’s why we start planning for your return home as soon as you arrive in hospital.

If you come in to stay overnight with us, we'll issue you with a ‘Ticket Home’ which details all the conversations that you’ll have while you're with us, that will help us to make sure the right support is in place for you when you go home (if, of course, you need it).

On your Ticket Home, you’ll have an Estimated Date of Discharge (EDD), so the nurses that care for you can assess this on a daily basis, based on how well you’re recovering from your treatment.

Most people will return home with the support of their family or friends. But if you feel you need more help, you are entitled to an assessment.

This is what we call a proportionate assessment of your needs.

This will include:

  • Your personal care needs
  • Your health (including psychological and emotional) needs
  • Your needs for support from either nursing or other healthcare workers
  • Your needs for any aids or adaptions for your home (like a handrail for example)

We will then work with our NHS and social care colleagues in Wirral to make sure you get the care and support you need.

On the day of your discharge

To help us prepare for other patients coming into hospital on the day you are due to return home, we will aim to arrange for you to be ready leave from 8:00am onwards, depending on your individual needs and circumstances.

So, if we let you know that you will be discharged on a particular day, and if appropriate given your care needs, we would be very grateful if you could support us by arranging transport home, packing all your personal belongings, and being ready to vacate your bed from 8.00am onwards on that day.

If you need support with this, please just ask us, and we will of course provide assistance. 

The leaflet below also provides clear information about our discharge process.


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