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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

British Sign Language

Within the Patient Experience Strategy, there exists a dedicated Deaf Awareness initiative overseen by the Inclusive Promise Group. The chair of the Deaf Awareness group is Tony Probbing.

During Deaf Awareness Week, we collaborated with the Merseyside Society for Deaf People (MSDP) to offer invaluable support. MSDP generously provided common British Sign Language (BSL) signs, enabling our community members, staff, carers, visitors, and fellow patients to effectively communicate with Deaf individuals who rely on BSL as their primary means of communication. This collaboration exemplifies our commitment to fostering inclusivity and enhancing communication accessibility for all individuals within our healthcare environment.

BSL Videos Available:

Click on the links below to view the videos on our YouTube channel:

Hello and Goodbye

Thank you and Please

Yes and No

I'm in pain and I am okay



Are there any other BSL signs you'd like to know? Contact us with your suggestions.