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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Meet the Chair


Meet Tony Probbing,

Tony has over 25 years of experience in the NHS, starting out as an occupational therapist. Throughout his career, he has managed a wide range of therapy and AHP professions, as well as specialist clinic areas such as critical care. Patient-centred care has always been his passion - placing the patient at the centre of their care.

As the chair of the Care Promise Group, Tony is excited about the opportunity to support patients and carers in designing care with them and for them. This collaborative approach will lead to improved care, communication, and better clinical outcomes for all patients.

In 2024, the Care Promise Group is focused on several key initiatives:

  • Carer Charter
  • Empathy Training
  • Improving Discharge Information

"Designing your care with you, for you" is the group's core mission. They aim to bring together passionate individuals committed to ensuring care is designed around each patient's individual needs to support their health and wellbeing.

Being part of the Promise Group allows you to identify areas for improvement in patient care and co-design patient information, pathways, and service developments. The group collaborates closely with other Promise groups and hospital departments to embed a co-design process throughout the Trust.

Previous achievements include the Discharge Questionnaire, and upcoming events will provide empathy training for visual/hearing impairments, dementia, physical disabilities, and neurodiversity. Improving co-design aligns with the Trust's overall patient experience strategy.

The Promise Group welcomes new members who want to work collaboratively across the community to keep patients at the centre of care. You can get involved by joining the group, contributing ideas via social media or contact us

Help shape a patient-centred future! Contact us is you'd like to learn more about the Care promise group.