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Resources to support writing for publication

Below we have compiled a selection of key resources to support writing for publication.

All links to these resources can be found in the 'Related Links' section on the left of this page.

If you would like to suggest additions to this selection, please contact us. 


Online Resources

BMJ, Guidance for Newly Qualified Doctors - Offering opportunities and guidance for new authors to write for publication. 

Elsevier, 11 Steps to Structuring a Science Paper Editors Will Take Seriously - This is a good breakdown of steps to help you achieve publication.

The Pharmaceutical Journal, How to write a Research Article to Submit for Publication - This article aims to provide pharmacists and healthcare professionals who are undertaking research with an understanding of how to produce a research article for publication, as well as points to consider before submission to a peer-reviewed journal.

Graduate Connections, Twenty Steps to Writing a Research Article - 20 steps that break down the process of moving from idea to published manuscript. 

Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research, How to Write Articles that Get Published - This article presents a review of the selected articles on writing and publishing in biomedical journals and aims to provide beginners the basics of effective scientific writing, and tips on successful publishing.


Physical Resources

A full set of physical resources that can help with writing for publication can be found on our library catalogue.


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