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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

18 - 20 weeks

You'll be offered an ultrasound scan to check the physical development of your baby. This is also known as the 20-week scan. The scan wil be performed at the hospital and a support person will be able to accompany you. There is an opportunity to purchase images of the scan.

Screening for HIV, syphilis and hepatitis B will be offered again by a specialist midwife if you opted not to have it earlier in pregnancy.

These tests are recommended as they greatly reduce the risk of passing infection from you to your baby.

From 16 weeks, you'll be offered the whooping cough vaccine. The best time to have this vaccine is after your scan, up to 32 weeks. 

But if for any reason you miss the vaccine, you can still have it up until you go into labour.