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How do I refer to the Wirral MSK Service?

Referrals should be sent via the Electronic Referral System (formerly known as Choose & Book) to one of the following services. The services are set up to direct the referral to the most qualified triaging team. 

MSK – Lower Limb Assessment

MSK – Shoulder Assessment

MSK – Hand/Elbow Assessment

MSK – Spinal Assessment

MSK – Rheumatology Assessment

MSK – Podiatry Assessment

A MSK referral form must be attached in order for the referral to be submitted. There are two referral forms that can be accessed on the main webpage; MSK and Podiatry (the information required is different for Podiatry). Please complete ALL sections of the form – it will be returned if not fully completed.

The referral form can be loaded into EMIS. Forms in EMIS format were emailed to all GP practices in advance of go live. The forms are designed to self-populate with the patient demographics and the last 12 months of bloods and radiology results. If your form does not do this, or is showing more than 12 months, please contact EMIS for advice on how to load the form.