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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Parents Facilities

The Neonatal Unit was refurbished in 2007.

The Neonatal Unit is now evolving into a Level 3 Intensive Care Unit which means that we can care for babies from 24 weeks. Babies may be transferred to us from other parts of the UK beyond the Wirral, Merseyside and Cheshire.

Quiet Room

There is a Quiet Room on the Neonatal Unit where parents can spend time with their baby away from the ward. Here, mothers can express their milk and have private discussions with staff and family.

Parents Room

This room can also be used during the day by parents wishing to have private time alone or for breast feeding/bottle feeding. There is an emergency buzzer in the room and a telephone if you need assistance from a nurse or doctor.


Telephone are available at each bedside on the ward and a public telephone phone is available on the first floor. There is a direct parent phoneline to the Neonatal Unit so parents can speak to nursing staff directly. Please do not use your mobile phone in the hospital. If you need to use a phone urgently, a memebr of the nursing staff will direct you to the nearest available teelphone.


Please do not use your mobile phone in the hospital. There is a pay phone available on the first floor. Ask your nurse if you need to use a phone urgently and she will advise you of the nearest available.

In the main hospital there are cafeterias serving hot and cold food:

  • Annabelles on the ground floor of the main hospital
  • Bowmans restaurant on the lower ground between the two sites.
  • There are shops and a bank on the ground floor.
  • There is a reception desk to guide you to all facilities within the hospital, information is available for travelling within the Wirral and taxis are available to hire.

There is a hairdressers available for patients and visitors:
'Arroweheads' open Monday and Wednesday 9am-5pm
Thursday and Friday 9am -7pm
Saturdays 9am -3pm

Contact via switch board 01512 678 5111 ext 2170.

Aromatherapy and massage is available for patients and visitors via 'Body and Soul' contact through the hospital switch board 0151 604 7108 ext 4009.