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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Will I have to wait long to see my baby?

Neonatal staff are very sensitive to the needs of parents following admission of a baby to the Unit so we try to make this transition as smooth as possible.

Parents are obviously kept aware and informed of the need to admit baby to the unit and parents can visit as soon as possible. They often come with baby depending on the reason for baby being admitted to the Neonatal unit.

Often though baby's admission is straight from birth and mum is being transferred up to the Postnatal Ward. If mum is too ill to visit we will go to see her. As soon as baby is well enough he/she will be taken to stay with mum for a short while if she is unable to visit.

Parents can stay with their baby as long as they need to. Grandparents can visit with consent from the parents. Other visitors are as per parent's wishes and two at a time. Only brothers and sisters of the baby are allowed to visit as young children often carry infections and we try to keep these risks down to a minimum.

Occasionally, the visit to the unit may have to be delayed if the baby is poorly and needs a lot of attention. Neonatal staff try to liaise with labour ward staff during these circumstances so that parents are aware of the situation.

As part of our care of the family we take photographs of your baby to keep. We also provide an introductory booklet which tells you a lot about the day to day running of the unit. There is also information supplied by Bliss which is a group that offers support for parents

We always put name bands on the baby and a cot card is placed at the end of the incubator or cot with the baby's name and date of birth.

Each baby has a named consultant who is responsible for the medical care your baby receives in the Neonatal Unit and also for follow up when discharged. The name of the consultant is written on a card alongside the space where your baby is.

The name of the nurse caring for your baby is on a board either within the room or outside the room depending on where your baby is situated.

There are four rooms: the intensive nursery, high dependency nursery, middle nursery and end nursery /going home nursery. If your baby is moved we will let you know and baby's first name will be on a board within the nursery or outside again depending on which room baby is in.