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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Why has my baby been admitted to The Neonatal Unit?

There are many reasons why a baby is admitted to the Unit. 
The most common is if a baby is born too early (premature, before 37 weeks gestation).

Babies that are born early often require closer observation of their breathing and temperature control. Often this can only be done on the Neonatal Unit where there are the staff and appropriate equipment to enable this to happen.

Each baby is assessed individually after delivery by a Paediatrician and the nursing staff, a decision is then made depending on the baby`s weight and general condition as to whether admission is necessary. These findings are discussed with parents.

Another reason for admission is if mum has had ruptured membranes prior to delivery and has developed an infection. The baby may need to be admitted for investigations and a course of antibiotics.

Sometimes if there have been any problems around the delivery, the baby may need to be admitted for observation.

Sometimes there may be problems with baby's feeding and his/her blood sugar (glucose) levels are low and need constant monitoring eg. the baby of a diabetic mum.