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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Antenatal Care

The pattern of antenatal care depends on individual circumstances.  For low risk pregnancies, all care will be given in the community.  For higher risk pregnancies, care will be shared between hospital and community, as needed.

At your first appointment your named midwife will give you details of how they can be contacted dependent on which team you are within. Please note, when staff are on duty they are contactable between 0830 - 1630. They are not contactable when they are off duty.

If when calling the phone rings out, the staff member maybe in a clinical situation or driving. In this instance leave a message or send a text requesting a call back.

Each consultation involves a physical and mental health assessment of the woman and physical wellbeing of the fetus.

Women should bring their hand-held notes and a urine sample to every clinic.

  • 4-12 weeks - Early access to Community Midwife at GP surgery or designated centres/hubs
  • 10-12 weeks – Booking in interview. Followed at around 12 weeks with a scan, where screening for Down ‘s, Edward’s and Patau’s syndrome can be offered, along with other screening blood tests.
  • 16 weeks - Quad test can be offered if no screening for Down syndrome and Edward’s syndrome only has been completed.
  • 20 weeks – Detailed scan at venue of choice, Only your partner and children can go into the room with you but sometimes we ask them to wait outside while measurements are taken of the baby. Photographs of your baby can be purchased in the clinic. If your pregnancy is high risk, you will see the consultant.
  • 25 weeks - 1st pregnancies – community midwife
  • 28 weeks - Blood tests taken with consent
    Anti-D given to Rhesus negative women
    MatB1 form and Health Grant forms signed by midwife
    For further financial information refer to our benefits section under parent education - link
  • 31 weeks - 1st pregnancies – community midwife clinic
  • 34 weeks – Discussion of labour (Birth Plan) discussed and drawn up. Home Births are planned and equipment ordered.
    Details of MLU and Delivery Suite given. Tour of the unit arranged.
    Details of What to pack for the big day
  • 36 weeks – Blood tests with consent
  • 38 weeks - Community midwife clinic
  • 41 weeks – Cervical assessment is offered and an appointment made for
    Induction of Labour at 42 weeks 


Antenatal Clinic

The antenatal clinic is situated on the ground floor of Wirral Women and Children’s Hospital.

The following services are provided:

  • Obstetric consultant led clinics for women who have medical problems prior to and complications during pregnancy
  • Young Women’s Antenatal clinic
  • Perinatal Mental Health Clinic
  • Pre-operative Assessment Clinic
  • Anaesthetic Clinic
  • Medical Disorders Clinic
  • Obstetric Ultrasound Scanning
  • Substance Misuse Clinic

All pregnant women in Wirral have a named Community Midwife to provide individualised professional and supportive antenatal and postnatal care, regardless of the intended place of birth. Seeing the same midwife regularly, as planned, provides continuity of care and the formation of trust between mother and midwife.

Community Midwives are rotationally on-call 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year for women giving birth at home.

Community Midwives liaise and work closely with the hospital-based midwives and Obstetricians, local GPs, Health Visitors, Social Workers, Physiotherapists and other allied professionals to try to ensure needs are met and families are fully supported.

Each locality has a specialist Neonatal Midwife whose role is to examine and assess any babies born at home or who are taken home from hospital within the first 24 hours after birth.

Mums and Midwives shop is situated at 12 Milton Pavement Grange Shopping Centre Birkenhead.

The shop is open Monday – Saturday and whilst it is normally a drop-in venue, during the times of COVID-19 an appointment is necessary. We are extending the hours on a daily basis to accommodate the needs of our women.

The shop offers an appointment service for antenatal and postnatal care. The shop is run by very experienced Community Midwives who can give you support and reassurance throughout your pregnancy and for a month after you have had your baby as well.

You can call in for a chat or come for a full antenatal checkup. Advice is given to you on a wide range of issues to help allay any concerns and help you make the right choices for you and your baby. When you have had your baby you can call in and feed your baby in a welcoming and friendly environment. You can also find out how you can donate your breast milk to the Milk Bank to help premature babies.

Journey through Childbirth

Confirmation of pregnancy

Once pregnancy has been confirmed, your GP will send a referral letter to the maternity unit or give you a reference number which will enable you to access the Choose and Book system. Further information is available at or by calling the Wirral Booking Office on 0151 604 7501. When calling the Wirral Booking Office, please have your reference number and password available.

Booking Clinics

Women will have the option to be booked face to face at a designated clinic or virtally via the telephone. Women usually attend at 10-12 weeks from the last menstrual period. Should any complications occur before this time, women will be seen at the Early Pregnancy Unit.

Booking-in can take up to an hour and a half and involves the following:

  • Ultrasound scan to confirm the pregnancy and gestational age, giving the expected date of delivery. 
  • A named Community Midwife will be allocated to each woman for her care throughout
  • Detailed medical and pregnancy history is obtained and entered onto the computer system
  • Blood samples will be taken or arranged if a telephone booking, taken with consent, for analysis. 
  • Screening options will be discussed and detailed information is available in our parent education section
  • Risk assessment by midwife:
    • Women with low risk pregnancies will be offered midwife-led care within the community and delivery at home, the birth center or in the Midwife-Led Unit (MLU)
    • Women with potential medical or obstetric difficulties will be offered Consultant-led care, professional support from High Risk Midwives and Delivery Suite births
    • Specialist Midwives may become involved, if indicated
  • Public Health advice, supporting literature and contact numbers will be given
  • Choice of Place of Birth will be offered to all women. Home births are actively encouraged for low risk women
  • Weight and height will be requested and recorded. Women with a raised Body Mass Index (BMI) will be advised and referred for a GTT (sugar level test), later in the pregnancy 
  • Plan of Antenatal care given to each woman and follow-up appointment made for 20 week scan
  • Individual hand-held notes will be given to each woman
  • A Mental Health assessment will be completed and discussed

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