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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

COVID-19 in children

We are aware that there have been recent news reports regarding a severe illness in children who may or may not be related to COVID19 and understandably this has caused much concern amongst parents and carers.

We would like to reassure you that severe illness in children with COVID 19 is still extremely rare, even in children with other underlying health conditions. We have treated a small number of patients with COVID19 in our paediatric department, all of whom have been discharged from hospital very quickly. This is the consistent pattern across the country.

Intensive care units across the country have noticed a slight increase in the number of children who have had an unusual illness and have simply alerted other paediatric doctors in the country to be aware of this. The illness is similar to other rare illnesses which we have seen even before COVID19 was present in the community. The number of children affected has been less than 20, and not all have tested positive for COVID19. This means we are still not sure if the illness is related to COVID19 at all.

Advice for parents remains the same. If your child is very unwell we want to see them. We are ready and waiting to treat children who need our help and we are well equipped to do so. Whilst we are grateful for parents and carers keeping children at home with minor illness, we do not wish for you to be at home worrying about a child who is very poorly.

To help parents and carers make decisions about whether to get medical help the RCPCH has produced this guide

There is also useful information here about what to do if you are concerned your child has COVID19