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Wirral health innovation showcased for NHS70


A special programme to celebrate 70 years of the NHS showcases how Wirral University Teaching Hospital and its Healthy Wirral partners are flying the flag nationally when it comes to transforming healthcare services.

Life expectancy has increased over recent decades. A baby boy born in Wirral today can expect to live to 78 years and a baby girl to 82 years. However, there are large differences across the borough, with some areas having a life expectancy which is 10 years lower than in more affluent areas.

Healthy Wirral is a partnership between all local NHS organisations and Wirral Council. Its purpose is to encourage the re-shaping of health services and social care, whilst supporting patients to take more responsibility for looking after their own health.

Over the next 20 years, the numbers of people aged over 85 years will more than double, this will lead to more of the local population living with multiple and long-term conditions. To support local communities in achieving their goals, Healthy Wirral will support the transformation of GP, primary care, community health, hospital and social care services.

In this exclusive filming for a news and current-affairs style programme from ITN Productions and NHS England, the Healthy Wirral collaborative is explained and brought to life to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the NHS.

The programme highlights how the partnership is pioneering the use of electronic patient records known as the Wirral Care Record to overcome the health and social care challenges being faced.

Speaking in this special programme, Jacqui Cooper, Chief Nursing Information Officer at Wirral University Teaching Hospital said:

“The difference the digital record has made is it’s accessible to all. Everyone can see it instantly, the data is input immediately, you can look at it remotely and our wider community can look at it: GPs, our health visitors can all see the record. So it means better care at the point of care.”

As an integrated care records system, it should mean a patient will only need to tell their story once, making for a much simpler journey through the healthcare system. It also means data gathered by doctors and nurses can be used to pin point health trends across the area making care more preventative.

As a result of this forward thinking approach and the work already taking place inside Wirral University Teaching Hospital, NHS England named the Trust as a Global Digital Exemplar for delivering exceptional care through world class digital technology.

Sheila Stewart, Associate Director of Informatics at Wirral University Teaching Hospital said:

“As a health economy as a whole, Wirral is actually quite digitally enabled so all of our GPs are paperless and a lot of our partner organisations have good IT support.

“We like to think we are one of the most digitally enabled areas in the UK and certainly from our position as a Global Digital Exemplar and what we know of other organisations in other areas we think that’s correct.”

The electronic patient records system used at the Trust has proved very popular with frontline staff because they have been involved in its development. Representing doctors, surgeon Gerry O’Sullivan says video consultations, apps and patient portals are all ambitions of the future:

“Where we are at the moment now, we have almost free-flow of information between primary, secondary and other areas where healthcare is delivered.

“The one missing part in the whole equation is the patient. The patient in the future has got to be deeply involved in their own healthcare.”

Despite the very real challenges facing health and social care nationally, Wirral University Teaching Hospital and the Healthy Wirral partnership has a strong pathway to the future of improving efficiency and closing the health divide for patients through the Wirral Care Record.

Presented and introduced by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, 70 years of the NHS is a news-style programme produced by NHS Productions in partnership with NHS England.

The full programme celebrating the work of the NHS in its anniversary year will be made available at