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High Sheriff praises Trust staff

Wirral University Teaching Hospital has welcomed the High Sheriff of Merseyside to its Arrowe Park site.

Speaking about his visit, Stephen Burrows said:

“This was such an enlightening visit to this very busy hospital of which I thank the staff for making me feel so welcome.

“I know it remains a very challenging time for the NHS, but behind the scenes there is such marvel taking place by these unsung heroes.

“As a recent patient myself of the Eye Clinic, to return formally as one of Her Majesty’s representatives was extremely humbling as it offered me the chance to pass on my personal thanks at the wonderful job taking place here.

“My visit stopped off at what can only be described as the beating heart of the hospital. If you thought air traffic control at Heathrow Airport was complicated, then I do not envy the task the bed management team have at keeping the flow of patients as smooth as possible when demand for a hospital bed is so high. Well done to you all for the commitment you show here as this was such an unbelievable insight into how a hospital runs.

“I finished my tour at the pub, but this was no ordinary watering hole. To help assist those living with dementia, I saw such a compassionate and caring way of tailoring good patient care. We are all living many years longer, but this now comes at a health cost for some of us. This was a lovely opportunity to further understand why creating a dementia friendly environment such as a pub, a bus stop or a garden on a busy hospital ward was so important to these patients, as it offered them comfort at what can be a distressing time for them being away from their family.

“I could tour this busy hospital trust for days and still not have enough time to visit all departments and services. This short tour was a great insight in understanding what happens away from the often negative media glare we hear about.

“My thanks go out to those staff and patients I greeted on my visit, but most importantly I would like to thank the staff I was unable to meet.

“The main role of the High Sheriff is to connect and engage with the public sector and the charitable and voluntary communities in the County which is why this visit to Arrowe Park Hospital was so important to me as it gave me a chance to hear and witness the wonderful work which is carried out. Public recognition remains an excellent means of ensuring that those in our communities in Merseyside, who make a difference to the lives of others, are recognised and this is so true of all the staff at the hospital.”

PHOTO: The High Sheriff is pictured with Trust Interim Chair Sir David Henshaw and Eye Department colleagues.

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