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Routine investigation

Most women will need an abdominal or trans-vaginal ultrasound scan in EPU to investigate their problem.  The scan allows a closer examination of the womb, tubes and ovaries.

We have a dedicated ultrasound service that runs every weekday morning and afternoon. You will be seen by a nurse or a doctor if necessary prior to your Ultrasound scan. Following your ultrasound scan further investigations may be required such a s blood tests.

There are a number of reasons why it may not be possible to interpret the scan results on your first visit. You may hear the term pregnancy of unknown location or PUL for short used in this situation.

  • It is too early in the pregnancy to see the baby on ultrasound scan
  • The pregnancy is not growing as it should
  • The pregnancy may be growing outside of the womb
  • This is known as an ectopic pregnancy

You may require more than one scan and a series of blood tests in order to confirm what is happening with the pregnancy. The frequency and timing of the scans will depend upon how far pregnant you are and what the initial scan shows. Understandably you will be anxious about your pregnancy but more scans or changing the frequency of the scans will not help the diagnosis to be reached sooner. Be guided by the staff caring for you as to how many scans are required.