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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Library Facilities

Registered users of the Library and Knowledge Service are welcome to use the facilities available at the McArdle Library.

The library has a range of specialist software and information systems available to you to support you in your clinical practice and research. Available are the following:


Computer Access

There are 12 PCs all with network connectivity for use within the main body of the library. Eight are in the 'Silent Study' section, one is in the 'Group Study' section and a further 3 can be found in the main body of the library. These PCs may be used for working on Microsoft Office and Internet when not required for accessing the specialist software. 



BoardMaker, computer software program used to make communication boards, picture schedules, instruction sheets and more.


Printing and Photocopying

There is a multifunctional device which provides printing and photocopying. Charges apply for these services and a change machine is provided for your convenience.

It is important to follow the copyright advice which is clearly displayed.

Copyright in the NHS

NHS England is covered by a Copyright Licensing Agency (CLA) Licence.

The NHS in England pays one single central licence fee to CLA. The current licence is valid from 1 April 2012.

Key points of the licence:

  • Copying must be for 'NHS purposes'.
  • The originals must be owned by the NHS.
  • You may copy up to two articles from a journal issue (more from a themed issue), and one chapter or 5% of a book.
  • Within these extent limits, you may make as many multiple copies as required.
  • Copies from books and journals published in the UK may be scanned.
  • Scanned copies may be supplied via the NHS network but not placed on intranets or websites.
  • Only single paper photocopies may be made for patients and carers.
  • Publications in the 'CLA list of excluded categories and works' are not covered by the licence.
  • Under the license, all entities within the NHS in England are licensed for photocopying, scanning and copying from digital originals.
  • Copies made under the license can be exchanged between trusts.
  • It has come to light that the CLA who oversees the whole issue of copyright in the UK is auditing Trusts on compliance against the NHS Copyright License for England. It would be useful therefore if the NHS copyright poster could be displayed in each department especially by photocopiers and scanners.

Equipment Loan

Laptops, projectors and display boards are available for booking and loan. Please note that these items can only be loaned to Library Members as they will be issued to your library card. Due to IT restrictions laptops cannot be logged on using generic user accounts and therefore those loaning laptops need to be able to log on as an individual.


The Library IT Suite 

The McArdle Library has a bookable IT Suite with 18 computers and a roof mounted projector. All computers have Microsoft Office software, CD writing software and Internet access. A scanner is also available. Please contact the library directly for more information.

You can book the IT Suite at the McArdle Library by filling in this form. One of our staff will then be in touch to confirm your booking.