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Wirral University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

UpToDate (WUTH staff and students on placement only)

UpToDate provides evidence based summaries of clinical topics covering more than 20 specialties, as well as nearly 1,500 patient information topics, and more than 27,000 graphics, tables and videos available to download into presentations.  Use UpToDate as a starting point to gain a comprehensive overview of your topic.

WUTH now has a  subscription to UpToDate Anywhere, which means you can get:

 • Free UpToDate mobile app for most leading devices

 • Easy access to UpToDate by logging in from any computer with an internet connection

 • Free continuing education credits (CME/CE/CPD) when you research a clinical question using UpToDate onsite or remotely – including on your mobile device

Registration is easy:

 1. Access UpToDate via the WUTH staff website

 2. Click on Log-in/Register in the top navigation bar of the UpToDate log-in page

 3. Create a unique user name and password on the UpToDate Anywhere registration page

 4. You are now registered and will receive a confirmation email with information about

 installing the UpToDate Mobile App

Please note that Up to Date is an American resource. This is particularly important when using information on licensed indications, doses and treatment pathways. For UK advice please refer to the Medicines Formulary, the BNF or contact Medicines Information. OpenAthens details are required to access the BNF. 

Contact us for details if you need any help in creating or using your OpenAthens account.

Use UpToDate as a starting point to gain a comprehensive overview of your topic.
UpToDate user guide