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Online Resources

The below resources have been gathered together from online articles, evidence, books and more in order to help you. Choose a heading to find out more.

Helpsheets for resources where available can be found at the foot of the page. 

Most of our resources require you to have an OpenAthens account setup. If you do not have an OpenAthens account setup please email us at: wuth.lks@nhs.net

Anatomy TV (WUTH staff and students on placement only)

Anatomy TV 

Created and Published by Primal Pictures, Anatomy TV is the world’s most medically accurate and detailed 3D graphic rendering of human anatomy based on imaging data. This resource allows the user to view in accurate detail all physical aspects of the human body. 


BMJ Best Practice

BMJ Best Practice is also available as app for your mobile devices. It delivers high-quality evidence that informs clinical practice worldwide  This is achieved through rigorous and continuous evidence-based editorial processes, as well as the well-structured, consistent and intuitive way in which key evidence and relevant resources are displayed for instant use at the point of care.

BMJ Best Practice re-frames the research base into actionable advice. To allow decisions to be made on the best available evidence in a timely way. It highlights evidence that is truly practice changing. This is based on awareness and knowledge of what needs to change, why and how.

BMJ Best Practice is the only clinical decision support tool that supports all three components of Evidence-Based Medicine:

  • Best available evidence in the form of key primary and secondary studies and guidelines
  • Clinical expertise via our 1,600 working clinical authors and editors from 29 countries
  • Patient values and preferences with over 300 patient leaflets, accredited by the Information Standard and reviewed by the BMJ patient panel, to support shared decision making.

Evidence is evaluated daily and quickly incorporated into BMJ Best Practice content. Updates are prioritised as follows:

  • Drug withdrawals or changes that may affect patient safety; within 24- 48 hours
  • Evidence that changes practice; within one month
  • Evidence that confirms current practice; within three months


BMJ Case Reports (WUTH staff and students on placement only)

BMJ Case Reports is a peer-reviewed, valuable collection of case reports in all disciplines so that healthcare professionals, researchers and others can easily find clinically important information on common and rare conditions. This is the largest single collection of case reports online with more than 11,000 articles from over 70 countries.  Our subscription means that as well as searching BMJ Case Reports, WUTH staff can now submit a case report for free, allowing you to avoid the usual annual fellowship fee of £168. To access BMJ Case Reports, all you need is a WUTH OpenAthens account, then login using the link above. 

If you’re interested in submitting a case report, take a look at the Instructions for Authors and contact the Library and Knowledge Service for the WUTH Fellowship code (you’ll need this to submit).

Clinicalskills.net (WUTH staff and students on placement only)

ClinicalSkills.net is an excellent UK online educational resource to support training and best practice in clinical skills and patient care. Please see the link to the left of this page.

The Cochrane Library

The Cochrane Library contains a number of databases of the highest quality evidence including ‘gold standard’ systematic reviews and cost-effectiveness studies.

Healthcare Databases Advanced Search

Healthcare Databases Advanced Search (including Medline, CINAHL etc.)

Healthcare Databases Advanced Search  include Medline, Embase, CINAHL, BNI, EMCARE, HMIC, AMED and PsychINFO . 
Start your literature search here! Use the Advanced Search option to conduct a structured and detailed search for journal articles relating to your topic (NHS Athens account required).


Health Research Premium Collection

Offers an extensive range of health and social care publications and evidence-based resources.


Kortext e-book Collection

This new collection of e-books is available using your NHS OpenAthens account. Go to https://my.openathens.net to login to "My Athens" to access the collection.



Trusted worldwide for providing evidence-based pharmaceutical knowledge to improve patient safety, we support healthcare professionals to quickly and confidently make the most informed decisions on the safe and effective use of medicines.

Medicines Complete User Guides

National Grey Literature Collection

The National Grey Literature Collection is a collection of literature from publications created outside of recognised academic or commercial outlets which are difficult to classify. 

The collection holds documentation from government, academic, business and industry sources maintained at a sufficient quality to be preserved by library holdings. This can be useful for research into these sectors. 

NICE Evidence

NICE Evidence is the gateway to high quality health information for NHS staff and students, including databases, e-journals, e-books and guidelines.
Use as an alternative to Google to identify guidelines, reports, drugs information, best practice and government publications.


Nursing Journal Bundle

All staff and students have access to a new collection of nursing and midwifery journals, which includes key titles such as the British Journal of Nursing, British Journal of Community Nursing, Nurse Prescribing, Journal of Wound Care and British Journal of Midwifery.

This new bundle, in addition to, our existing nursing and midwifery resources, will help to keep you up to date with practice, support your continuing professional development, and help you to gather evidence for your Revalidation portfolio. 

To access this journal bundle you need an OpenAthens account, which will allow you to log in to the MAG online website from work or from home. 


PubMed covers the fields of medicine, dentistry, the health care system, and preclinical sciences. PubMed is the free version of Medline, but basic citations are often included on PubMed before being indexed on Medline, so PubMed can be more up-to-date.


Search full-text articles from leading psychology journals

For further support on PsycArticles please see the below helpsheet.

Royal Marsden (WUTH staff and students on placement only)

Royal Marsden Manual of Clinical Nursing Procedures online
If you are on the WUTH network, select the link above.  Otherwise, OpenAthens details are required to access this resource . Please contact library staff for details if you need any help in creating or using your OpenAthens account.”

TRIP (Turning Research into Practice)

TRIP is a clinical search engine that only searches evaluated websites for evidence-based healthcare information.

Use TRIP as an alternative to Google to ensure results are accurate and reliable.
For further support please contact us.

TRIP User Guide

UpToDate (Restricted to WUTH Staff and Students)

UpToDate provides evidence based summaries of clinical topics covering more than 20 specialties, as well as nearly 1,500 patient information topics, and more than 27,000 graphics, tables and videos available to download into presentations.  Use UpToDate as a starting point to gain a comprehensive overview of your topic.

WUTH now has a  subscription to UpToDate Anywhere, which means you can get:

 • Free UpToDate mobile app for most leading devices

 • Easy access to UpToDate by logging in from any computer with an internet connection

 • Free continuing education credits (CME/CE/CPD) when you research a clinical question using UpToDate onsite or remotely – including on your mobile device

Registration is easy:

 1. Access UpToDate via the WUTH staff website

 2. Click on Log-in/Register in the top navigation bar of the UpToDate log-in page

 3. Create a unique user name and password on the UpToDate Anywhere registration page

 4. You are now registered and will receive a confirmation email with information about

 installing the UpToDate Mobile App

Please note that Up to Date is an American resource. This is particularly important when using information on licensed indications, doses and treatment pathways. For UK advice please refer to the Medicines Formulary, the BNF or contact Medicines Information. OpenAthens details are required to access the BNF. 

Contact us for details if you need any help in creating or using your OpenAthens account.

Use UpToDate as a starting point to gain a comprehensive overview of your topic.
UpToDate user guide 


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