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Antenatal Care

The pattern of antenatal care depends on individual circumstances. For low risk pregnancies, all care will be given in the community. For higher risk pregnancies, care will be shared between hospital and community, as needed.

Each consultation involves a physical and mental health assessment of the woman and physical wellbeing of the foetus.

Women should bring their hand-held notes and a urine sample to every clinic.

4-12 weeks - Early access to Community Midwife at GP surgery or Children’s Centre

12-14 weeks - Booking-in interview at the hospital. An NT scan and blood test for Down Syndrome and Spina Bifida can usually be done at this visit, if desired. Other blood tests are taken.

15-17 weeks - QUAD screening for Down Syndrome and Spina Bifida, in the community clinic.

20 weeks – Detailed scan at venue of choice. Only your partner and children can go into the room with you but sometimes we ask them to wait outside while measurements are taken of the baby. Photographs of your baby can be purchased in the clinic. If your pregnancy is high risk, you will see the Consultant.

25 weeks - 1st pregnancies – community midwife.

28 weeks - Blood tests taken with consent

31 weeks - 1st pregnancies – community midwife clinic

34 weeks – Discussion of labour (birth plan) discussed and drawn up. Home Births are planned and equipment ordered.

Details of MLU and Delivery Suite given. Tour of the unit arranged.

Details of What to pack for the big day

36 weeks – Blood tests with consent

37 weeks - External Cephalic Version is offered by the consultant if baby is in a breech position

38 weeks - Community midwife clinic

41 weeks – Cervical assessment is offered and an appointment made for induction of labour at 42 weeks

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