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Children who are ill, and are referred to us by their GP or Walk-in Centre, are seen in our Children's Emergency Department at Arrowe Park Hospital. The department can call on the expertise of doctors and nurses throughout the hospital to assess and treat ill and injured children.

Children who need hospital treatment for an illness or an operation will be cared for on our Children's Ward. The ward is new and state of the art. It has all the facilities needed to care for ill children and to support their parents.

Children who have complicated medical needs but not an acute illness will go to our Children's Outpatient Department. The department sees children and newborns recovering from an acute illness and children with illnesses which need the expertise of paediatricians and other specialists.

Generic information and guidance on children’s health can be found on the NHS Choices website

Further information on children’s health can be found by selecting a choice below:


Children's Emergency Department

Children who are ill or injured are seen in our dedicated Children’s Emergency Department (CED). Children may be referred to CED by their GP or from the Walk-in Centre. The department can call upon the expertise of doctors and nurses from throughout the hospital to assess and treat ill and injured children.

Opening Hours:

Monday – Thursday 9:00am – 23:00pm
Friday – Sunday 10:00am – 00:00am

Out of hours - children will be assessed and treated within the main Emergency Department of the hospital.


Children’s Outpatients

If you have any queries about your child’s appointment please contact us on 0151 604 7039.

The Children's Outpatient Department is open as follows:

Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm.
Adolescent clinics are held from 3:30pm to 6:00pm.

We run child outpatient clinics at our four hospital sites. These are:

  • Wirral Women and Children’s Hospital / Arrowe Park Hospital
  • Clatterbridge Hospital
  • St Catherine’s Health Centre 
  • Victoria Central Health Centre
Specialist Nurse Clinics:
Children's Ward

The Children’s Ward consists of both medical and surgical beds. The ward can provide a total of 32 beds including an emergency room, two high dependency rooms and a treatment room. The ward has 16 individual rooms and four bays. A bed will be allocated according to your child’s age and condition.

The Children’s Ward provides 24-hour inpatient treatment and daycase care. It has been specifically designed to ensure all children and young people’s needs are catered for.

We offer a range of facilities for all children and their families. We have a playroom, play area and a dedicated adolescent room where young people can access an excellent range of age appropriate activities.

The Children’s Ward also has a dedicated family room where families can relax in a quiet environment.

We have open visiting hours for parent and family members. An adult must accompany all visitors under the age of 16 years.


Your child’s safety is paramount. As such we operate an electronic door opening system in order to identify ward visitors.

To ensure everyone’s safety, we ask visitors to not allow people to follow you in when you are entering the ward. All members of Trust staff wear identity badges, which should be always visible.

The Children’s Ward can be contacted by calling 0151 604 7009.


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