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UTS Foundation Text for Macmillan/NHS

Based in Hoylake, Wirral, The UTS Foundation offers free bespoke exercise and rehabilitation classes to anyone recovering from cancer.

We have 2 Level 4 Cancer Rehabilitation sessional exercise coaches who deliver 1-1, structured group sessions alongside nutritional advice and guidance to individuals and groups referred to our charity by hospitals, GPs, support groups, or self referral. 

After a health assessment with our very own Dr Colin Robertson you will be given a programme of recovery and assigned to one of our coaches for exercise sessions which are suitable for you. 

All sessions are designed to be fun, friendly and 'light circuit style/body weight' styles of activity designed to get the body moving and improve health and well being. 

We also offer a buddy system so that you can bring a friend, or we can nominate someone to support you and help develop your fitness levels if thats what you need.


Here are a few things you can expect from our Recovery Programme:

- A bespoke training programme tailored to meet the needs of each individual cancer patient.

- Develop a nutrition plan to enable each patient to adopt a healthier diet to improve overall health and well-being including combating post cancer fatigue.

- Empower individuals to improve their longer term health once they have completed the programme.

- Create a positive, supportive and inspirational environment to remove barriers that may prevent people from exercising in a public environment. 

- Improve mental health to reduce feelings of low mood, isolation that patients may face.

- Develop and build partnership with medical care providers based on confidence levels and results.

- Offer volunteer opportunities to act as mentors or support ‘buddies’ to other patients to help build a supportive network of people.

This post has been tailored in conjunction with a longer term and evidenced supported research project with Liverpool John Moores and Bolton University led by UTS Foundation Director, Dr Colin Robertson. The study is focusing on the problems that people experience when recovering from cancer and the potential benefits of bespoke nutrition and fitness regimes.

Details about our organisation can be found on our website here - http://utsfoundation.com/. Here you can view case studies of cancer patients and other Foundation users who have benefited from attending our project. 


For more information, please contact Tony Berry on 0151 294 3172, or email, uts.tonyberry@gmail.com


We look forward to hearing from you soon. 

#PROUD to care for you