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Wirral and Chester Kidney Service

Our renal service is provided across the following three sites:

  • Arrowe Park Hospital
  • Clatterbridge Hospital
  • The Countess of Chester Hospital (satellite unit)

It is far easier to manage your condition if you understand what kidneys do, what happens when they stop working as they should, and how treatments can replace the functions of normal kidneys.

The kidneys are two bean shaped organs situated on either side of the spine. They are responsible for filtering waste products and fluid from your blood.

Each kidney contains approximately one million nephrons. It is the nephron that is responsible for filtering and processing the blood that passes through, to form what we will eventually see as urine.

The kidneys will regulate the amount of fluid, and also the levels of electrolytes such as potassium, calcium and magnesium to ensure that levels within the blood remain stable. Waste products such as urea and creatinine are also filtered.

In addition, the kidneys also produce several hormones:

  • Erythropoetin, a hormone which ensures that red blood cells are produced
  • Renin, a hormone that regulates blood pressure
  • Vitamin D is also activated in the kidney, essential for ensuring that calcium is absorbed from food that we eat

Our Consultant Team

Dr Alex Crowe

Nephrology General (Internal) Medicine Read More

Profile Image

Dr Alex Crowe


Consultant Physician

Nephrology General (Internal) Medicine


Oxidative stress in skeletal muscle in Chronic Kidney Disease

Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer, Department of Physiology and Cellular Metabolism, University of Liverpool


Royal College of Physicians, Renal Association

Tom Ledson

Nephrology/Renal Read More

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Dr Tom Ledson


Consultant Renal Physician


Hypertension, Nephrotic Syndrome, Renal Anaemia, Dialysis Access

Dialysis Access, Vasculitis

Consultant Nephrologist Clinical Lead in Nephrology

1995 University of Manchester

Fellow Royal College of Physicians (London) British Medical Association Renal Association

#PROUD to care for you