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Contact Us - Orthopaedics

Following your operation

Have you had an operation with us?

If you have, and you are experiencing problems please read the information below and contact the appropriate department.






  • Your wound becomes red, hot to touch or increasingly swollen
  • Your wound begins to ooze blood or any other fluid
  • You have a persistently high temperature or feel unwell
  • Your GP, District Nurse or Practice Nurse wants you to start taking a course of antibiotics for your wound


0151 604 7573









8.00 – 12.00


14.00 – 16.00





Your GP, Local Walk-In Centre or Accident & Emergency Department

  • You suspect you may have the symptoms of a DVT or PE



Your GP

  • For enquiries about your painkillers




The ward you were in

  • There is a decrease in your level of mobility compared to when you were discharged from the ward
  • You have problems with the occupational therapy equipment issued to you
  • Any issues related to your admission



Ward M1:

0151 482 7758



Ward 12:

0151 604 7784


Your Physiotherapy Team





  • Any issues relating to physiotherapy



If your operation was performed on Ward M1:


0151 482 7730



If your operation was performed Ward 12:


0151 604 7784




#PROUD to care for you