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Chester and Wirral Microbiology service has a main laboratory in Bromborough (Wirral) and small satellite laboratories at each hospital site for urgent out-of-hours specimens.

Advice on the selection of appropriate diagnostic specimens, their collection into suitable containers and the transport of clinical specimens is available to download here by clicking this User Guide 2018


Opening hours
Opening Hours
MON - FRI 08:00 - 19:00
SAT - SUN 09:00 - 17:00


On-call service for urgent tests
Biomedical Scientist
MON - FRI 17:00 - 08:00
SAT - SUN 19:00 - 08:00


The on call BMS can be contacted by telephone from 17:00 on all days
Only Medical staff are given access to the BMS on call (exceptions are other lab staff, bed coordinator, senior Trust managers).
Contact on-call Biomedical Scientist via switchboard of each Trust


On-call service for clinical advice
Consultant in medical microbiology
MON - FRI 17:00 - 09:00
Weekend: Friday 17:00 to Monday 09:00


Please contact the Consultant Microbiologist on-call via the switchboard of each Trust Please note that the on-call Consultant Microbiologist should only be contacted in response to requests from the following categories of personnel:-

Consultants (in exceptional circumstances contact may be made by a registrar if the patient has been discussed with the consultant in the team, but the consultant is unable to make the call himself / herself).

Laboratory Manager / IT Lead
Mr Iain Green iain.green@nhs.net 01244 362400
Chief Biomedical Scientists
Mrs S Wood (Technical Lead) sarahwood11@nhs.net 01244 363352
Mrs Y Gatty (Quality Lead)   01244 362481
Specimen Reception   01244 362500
Environmental / Infection control screening
Mr David Bond david.bond1@nhs.net 01244 363533
Consultant Staff Wirral
Dr Kavya Mohandas Clinical Service Lead 0151 482 7694
Dr John G Cunniffe   0151 482 7696
Dr Dave Harvey   0151 604 7466
Dr Róisín Webster   0151 604 7607
Medical Secretaries for clinical enquiries Wirral 0151 604 7601
Medical Secretaries for clinical enquiries Wirral 0151 604 7607
Consultant Staff Countess of Chester  
Dr Ildiko Kustos   01244 366785
Dr Jeremy Gardner   01244 366788
Dr. Sylvia Murray   01244 363518
Medical Secretaries for clinical enquiries Chester 01244 366773
URGENT specimens

Biomedical Scientists (BMSs) are available in the laboratory between 08.00hrs and 17:00hrs 7 days a week to process any samples that are considered urgent.  The BMS must be contacted in the laboratory on 01244 362500 with the details of the request.

Members of the public who are dropping off urgent specimens should come to the laboratory at Bassendale Road before 18:30hrs.


Out of Hours Service / Emergency On-Call Service (also see Opening Hours)

Monday – Friday         17:00hrs  – 08.00hrs the following day

Saturday - Sunday      19:00 – 08.00hrs the following day.

The on call BMS can be contacted by telephone from 17:00 on all days

Requests for urgent specimens to be processed after 17:00 pm should be directed to the on-call Biomedical Scientist through switchboard at both Wirral sites or Countess of Chester Hospital.


The following are out-of-hours requests that may be made via Biomedical Scientist:-

¨       Paediatric MSSUs (Microscopy / Culture / ± Direct Sensitivity)

NB   Urines should be screened by dipstick by the requestor.  BMS staff will only come in to examine samples that are positive for leucocyte esterase or nitrites.

¨       Material from Sterile Sites

        e.g. Synovial fluid

¨       Peritoneal fluid (eg Ascites)


¨       Pus from deep seated abscesses

         (Other pus swabs etc contact the Consultant Medical Microbiologist)

¨       Blood Borne Virus ( HIV, Hepatitis B) screen for pre dialysis patients

¨       Pus

¨       Specimens from theatre


MD Microbiology operates a 24/7 service for urgent specimens see the details above in the unlikely event that a specimen may not be processed urgently because it has missed the transport run then a taxi may be required to transport the sample to the Laboratory at Bromborough.

If the last transport run has been missed please contact the Laboratory to determine whether transport by taxi or arranging the on call BMS would be best.  Taxi specimens can be accepted in the Microbiology laboratory at Bromborough until 18:00hrs Monday to Friday or until 16.00hrs Saturday and Sunday.

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