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The Mortuary Service is responsible for the care of the deceased who die in hospital, or are brought to hospital after death, and to their families and friends. Mortuary staff have an important role, providing an efficient service whilst responding sensitively to the needs of the bereaved. The Mortuary Service deals with deaths from wards at Arrowe Park Hospital, Clatterbridge Hospital and deaths from the Clatterbridge Cancer Centre (CCC) as well as deaths in the community.

The bereavement service provides comprehensive information, guidance and support for bereaved relatives and friends following the death of a patient at the hospitals. Our service includes the prompt completion of all the necessary paperwork after a death as well as explaining to the bereaved how to register a death, how to find a Funeral Director or arrange a funeral without a Funeral Director. We work very closely with the Wirral Coroner’s Service, the Wirral Registration Service and local Funeral Directors to ensure the bereaved have access to all the information and services they require.

The Mortuary provides viewing facilities for relatives for both formal identification procedures and to assist the bereaved as being able to view the deceased is an integral part of the early grieving process.

For a comprehensive list of the tests we offer, or for more information, please refer to the relevant Laboratory Handbook.

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