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Specialist Pharmacists and Pharmacy Technicians work on the wards to support doctors and nurses.

They ensure that the medicines are prescribed for each patient and available for administration.

Pharmacy Technicians check any medicines that patients bring into hospital and co-ordinate the supply of medicines for patients to take home once the discharge prescription has been written.

You can ask the Pharmacy Team on the ward if you have any questions regarding your medicines.

The pharmacist’s role is to maximise the benefit of the medicines for the patient. This includes:

  • using the most effective treatment for each patient
  • minimising side effects events
  • monitoring the therapy course
  • supporting patients to take their medicines
  • helping doctors to choose the most cost effective medicines.

Pharmacists are also responsible for minimising the amount spent on medicines by the NHS, so that it can provide the best treatment for the greatest number of patients.

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