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Meet our consultants


Dr Catherine Hayle
Consultant in Palliative Medicine

Dr Catherine Hayle is a Consultant in Palliative Medicine and Clinical Service Lead for Palliative and End of Life Care within Wirral University Teaching Hospital.

She was appointed as a consultant in Wirral in 2013 following specialist training in the North West of England. Her interests include palliative care for patients with non-malignant disease (specifically long term respiratory conditions) and quality improvement in end of life care. 



Dr Gursaran Purewal

Consultant in Palliative Medicine

Dr Purewal originally qualified in Nottingham and completed her specialty Palliative Medicine training across the North West.

Dr Purewal works across the healthcare setting within Wirral and is passionate that all patients requiring palliative and end of life care are able to access and receive the best possible care.



Dr Richard Latten

Consultant in Palliative Medicine and RCP Regional Speciality Advisor in Palliative Medicine for the Mersey Region.

Dr Latten originally qualified in Bristol.  Following palliative medicine training in the Mersey region, he previously worked as a Consultant at Liverpool's Marie Curie Hospice and Royal Liverpool University Hospital before moving to work in Wirral in 2016. 

He mainly works in Arrowe Park Hospital in conjunction with the MacMillan Integrated Specialist Palliative Care Team.  He also provides a weekly outpatient clinic at Wirral Hospice St Johns and supports palliative care education in both the hospital and hospice.




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