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Nutrition and Dietetics

Dietitians help to promote nutritional wellbeing, treat disease and prevent nutrition related problems.

Dietitians in the UK hold the only legally recognised graduate qualification in Nutrition & Dietetics and are registered with the Health and Care Professions CouncilThis is an indication that a Dietitian is fit to practice and works within an agreed statement of conduct.

We provide a dietetic service to adult inpatients and outpatients who are referred by medical or other health professional staff at both Arrowe Park and Clatterbridge Hospitals. Out team translate nutrition science into practical information and we are qualified to treat a range of medical conditions with dietary therapy.

We offer specialist services to a wide range of medical and surgical areas:

  • cardiology
  • critical care and nutrition support
  • diabetes mellitus
  • elderly medicine and stroke
  • gastroenterology
  • general medicine
  • general surgery
  • neuro and stroke rehabilitation
  • paediatrics
  • renal medicine
  • respiratory medicine
  • upper gastrointestinal and colorectal surgery



Nutrition and Dietetics – Questions and answers

What should I expect from my appointment?

The initial appointment with the dietitian will usually last 30 minutes. During this appointment the dietitian may ask questions regarding your medical condition, dietary intake, weight history and current medication. This will allow the dietitian to make an accurate assessment and provide appropriate and tailored dietary advice.  

If the dietitian considers that further input is appropriate, they will make a follow up appointment which will be approximately 15 minutes. 

What should I bring to my appointment?

To assist the dietitian in providing appropriate dietary advice, we ask that all patients bring a record of their current prescribed medications. You may also wish to bring a 2-3 day food diary to provide us with additional information.

What if I cannot make my appointment?

If the appointment date or time is inconvenient for you, please call us as soon as possible on 0151 604 7349. 

Looking for some general dietary advice?

The British Dietetic Association is our professional organisation and their web page has some useful, evidence based information about healthy eating and a range of conditions. Just visit their Food Facts section.

It is important to remember that all medical conditions should be diagnosed by a doctor and if you would like any individualised advice, a referral is required by your consultant or health professional within the trust.

Outpatient care

If you have been referred by your consultant or health care professional in clinic, you will receive a letter inviting you for an appointment to see a Dietitian as an outpatient.

Clinics are held at Arrowe Park and Clatterbridge General Hospitals and the location of your appointment will be detailed on your letter. If you cannot make the appointment please let us know.

Inpatient care

Inpatient referrals are made by medical, surgical or nursing staff and must meet our referral criteria.

All adult inpatients are screened for malnutrition using the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool. Those patients that are deemed to be at high risk of malnutrition will be referred to the dietitian for an assessment.

If you have any concerns about a friend or relative that is currently an inpatient at our hospitals, then please speak to the nurse looking after them to see if they meet the criteria for referral to the dietitian.

Interested in becoming a Dietitian?

If you would like a career in Dietetics, then the NHS Careers website gives you full information regarding entry requirements and qualifications.

Our department are involved in training student Dietitians from the University of Chester and provide clinical placements for both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

If you are considering a career in Nutrition & Dietetics and wish to attend our annual open day, then please call 0151 678 5111 ext 2114 and leave your details for further information. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide individual shadowing opportunities.

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