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Lymphoedema Service

Lymphoedema is a chronic swelling caused by a failure in lymph drainage. This may occur due to an intrinsic insufficiency of the lymphatics (primary lymphoedema) or secondary to another cause such as cancer or its treatment, limb dependency or chronic venous insufficiency (secondary lymphoedema).

Our Lymphoedema Service takes place at Clatterbridge Hospital.

This service helps the patient to become independent in the self-management of their condition.

Combinations of physical therapies are used to minimise and control the swelling. This involves compression garments, massage and exercise. Rigorous skin care is recommended to maintain skin integrity and minimise cellulitis. Education and the provision of information play a key part in the treatment process.

In cases of severe swelling and midline oedema, patients are treated with a course of intensive treatment including daily bandaging and massage.

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