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Limb Centre

Wirral Limb Centre is a purpose built building located at Clatterbridge Hospital. The centre provides a specialised rehabilitation service for anyone who has had or is due to have an amputation or who has a limb deficiency. This regional centre covers a wide geographical area including Wirral, Chester, Warrington, Halton and Crewe.

The team provides a comprehensive service to patients, starting from the pre-amputation stage, working closely with vascular, orthopaedic, oncology and pain management teams. Inpatient rehabilitation begins immediately post operatively using up-to-date early mobilisation practice. This prepares the patient for a more intensive outpatient rehabilitation programme, tailored to meet their individual goals and ability, with the focus on patient safety and optimising independence within the community.

Wirral Limb Centre adopts the most recent rehabilitation techniques using modern limb design and components, enabling patients to achieve their goals, whether they are returning to work, partaking in their hobby or carrying out domestic and personal care activities.

The prosthetic service at Wirral Limb Centre is provided by qualified prosthetists and technicians employed by a private contractor. They are based within the centre and have a dedicated workshop for on-site limb repairs and the manufacture of new limbs.

Our Multidisciplinary Team (MDT) also provides a holistic service to children with congenital limb deficiencies and works alongside their families from as early as the pre natal stage, immediately post natal and continuing into adulthood. This enables consistent physical and psychological support for the family and helps the child to achieve independence.

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