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Education Centre Staff Contacts

Dr David Galvani - Director Of Education


Ext.8627 (DD 0151 604 7576)

Email: david.galvani@nhs.net

The Director of Education is a Consultant in the Trust who is responsible for Education throughout the Trust, overseeing Medical Education and Study Leave for all Senior Medical Staff.


Dr Girendra Sadera - SAS Lead/ Clinical Tutor


Ext. 8625 (DD 0151 604 7568)

Email: girendra.sadera@nhs.net

Responsible for all Specialty Doctors (SAS).


Dr Carmen Frias-Jimenez - Postgraduate Clinical Tutor & Foundation lead F1


Ext. 8625 (DD 0151 604 7568)

Email: maria.frias-jimenez@nhs.net

Responsible for the induction and teaching programmes for F1 doctors. Provides additional support for other grades of Junior Doctors and oversees Trainee Study Leave.


Mr Simon Platt - Postgraduate Clinical Tutor & Foundation Lead F2


Ext. 8625 (DD 0151 604 7568)

Email: simonplatt@nhs.net

Responsible for all grades of Junior Doctors and their Study Leave. Responsible also for the F2 Teaching Programme


Paula Orr - Medical Education Centre Manager Arrowe Park Site / EWTR Manager


Ext. 8215 

Email: paula.orr@nhs.net

Manages the day to day running of the Education Centre Arrowe Park Hospital. Is resposible for all Non foundation Trainees and Manages the EWTR for the Trust 


Michelle Bennett - Postgraduate Administrative Secretary & F1 Co-ordinator


Ext. 8631 (DD 0151 604 7334)

Email: michellebennett1@nhs.net

Responsible for assisting the Postgraduate Clinical Tutors in the development of the F1 Doctors from Induction to progression to F2


Jane Roach - Postgraduate Administrative Secretary & F2 Co-ordinator


Ext. 8601 (DD 0151 604 7793) 

Email: jane.roach@nhs.net

Responsible for assisting the Postgraduate Clinical Tutors in the development of F2 Doctors from Induction to completion of Foundation Training. Also assists in the Study Leave process for F2s.


Louise Grainger - SAS Co-ordinator & Senior Staff Study Leave Co-ordinator 


Ext. 8633 (DD 0151 604 7292)

Email: louise.grainger@nhs.net

Responsible for assisting the SAS Lead in all duties regarding the Specialty Doctors. Also maintains the Study Leave for all Senior Medical Staff Study Leave.


Sujatha Ramakrishnan - Study Leave Co-ordinator Junior Training Grades


Ext. 4401 


Responsible for all Training Grade Study Leave - her working week is Wednesday Morning, Thursday and Friday.


Lorraine Kendrick - Administrative & Postgraduate Programme Co-ordinator

Ext. 8633 (DD 0151 604 7793)


Responsible for all Postgraduate Centre Teaching Programmes and sponsership for Courses.


Support Team - Education Centre Arrowe Park 

Ext. 8622


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