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Education Centre

The Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust's Education Centre at Arrowe Park Hospital site was officially opened by the Rt Hon Lord Owen on the 20th May 2005.

At Wirral University Teaching Hospital NHS Foundation Trust we encourage a wide range of general and professional training opportunities for all staff. For all the many and varied educational events taking place we have excellent facilities within our own dedicated building.

Teaching, learning and seeking knowledge is part of life and we are keen in this hospital to:

  • Maintain an environment that values and promotes learning and development
  • Ensure staff working in all disciplines & departments are fully trained and competent
  • Allow all staff to develop and progress further with their careers


Excellence in Teaching

Wirral University Teaching Hospital is committed to Excellence in Teaching and has signed a pledge on behalf of staff stating that the Trust will:-

  • Strive to achieve high quality teaching for all staff
  • Provide an inspired learning experience around all aspects of patient care
  • Attract, develop and retain a highly skilled workforce, leading directly to high quality patient care.

 Teaching Pledge

We offer a wide selection of training and courses within our centre and support Postgraduate Medical and Dental Education, Undergraduate Medical Education and Multi-professional Education and Training. As part of the Clinical Excellence Department we are also able to support our Clinical Skills Lab and host a varity of courses for all healthcare practitioners. We are also the home of the McArdle Library Service which is accessible 24 hours everyday to all Staff and Students.


Education Centre General Opening Hours:-

Monday to Friday 08:00 - 17:00. Out of Hours events by arrangement only through the Centre Manager. If you would like to have a tour of our facilities and a discussion about a forth coming event please feel free contact us and we'll arrange a suitable time.


Telephone Number:-

Reception: (+44) 0151 604 7110

Internal extension: 8600

General Enquiries please use E-mail address: wih-tr.ecenquires@nhs.net




Dr David Galvani - Director Of Education


Ext.8627 (DD 0151 604 7576)

Email: david.galvani@nhs.net

The Director of Education is a Consultant in the Trust who is responsible for Education throughout the Trust, overseeing Medical Education and Study Leave for all Senior Medical Staff.


Dr Girendra Sadera - SAS Lead/ Clinical Tutor


Ext. 8625 (DD 0151 604 7568)

Email: girendra.sadera@nhs.net

Responsible for all Specialty Doctors (SAS).


Dr Carmen Frias-Jimenez - Postgraduate Clinical Tutor & Foundation lead F1


Ext. 8625 (DD 0151 604 7568)

Email: maria.frias-jimenez@nhs.net

Responsible for the induction and teaching programmes for F1 doctors. Provides additional support for other grades of Junior Doctors and oversees Trainee Study Leave.


Mr Simon Platt - Postgraduate Clinical Tutor & Foundation Lead F2


Ext. 8625 (DD 0151 604 7568)

Email: simonplatt@nhs.net

Responsible for all grades of Junior Doctors and their Study Leave. Responsible also for the F2 Teaching Programme


Paula Orr - Medical Education Centre Manager Arrowe Park Site / EWTR Manager


Ext. 8215 

Email: paula.orr@nhs.net

Manages the day to day running of the Education Centre Arrowe Park Hospital. Is resposible for all Non foundation Trainees and Manages the EWTR for the Trust 


Michelle Bennett - Postgraduate Administrative Secretary & F1 Co-ordinator


Ext. 8631 (DD 0151 604 7334)

Email: michellebennett1@nhs.net

Responsible for assisting the Postgraduate Clinical Tutors in the development of the F1 Doctors from Induction to progression to F2


Jane Roach - Postgraduate Administrative Secretary & F2 Co-ordinator


Ext. 8601 (DD 0151 604 7793) 

Email: jane.roach@nhs.net

Responsible for assisting the Postgraduate Clinical Tutors in the development of F2 Doctors from Induction to completion of Foundation Training. Also assists in the Study Leave process for F2s.


Louise Grainger - SAS Co-ordinator & Senior Staff Study Leave Co-ordinator 


Ext. 8633 (DD 0151 604 7292)

Email: louise.grainger@nhs.net

Responsible for assisting the SAS Lead in all duties regarding the Specialty Doctors. Also maintains the Study Leave for all Senior Medical Staff Study Leave.


Sujatha Ramakrishnan - Study Leave Co-ordinator Junior Training Grades


Ext. 4401 


Responsible for all Training Grade Study Leave - her working week is Wednesday Morning, Thursday and Friday.


Lorraine Kendrick - Administrative & Postgraduate Programme Co-ordinator

Ext. 8633 (DD 0151 604 7793)


Responsible for all Postgraduate Centre Teaching Programmes and sponsership for Courses.


Support Team - Education Centre Arrowe Park 

Ext. 8622


IMG 5817 Picture 034 

The newly named Charmian Wiltshire Suite consists of 5 Classroom style Seminar Rooms and 3  Boardroom style Seminar Rooms. All rooms with a laptop are MS Office 2010 compatable.


  • Seminar Room 1

IMG 5760


This is a small 6 seater Meeting Room which has the capasity for a flipchart and whiteboard to be available upon request and subject to availability.


  • Seminar Room 2, 3 and 5

  Picture 006Picture 020Picture 021

Consists of a 10 seater Classroom that has a Laptop, Projector, DVD and Video facilities. Additional equipment are Whiteboard and Flipchart as standard.


  • Seminar Room 4

Picture 001Picture 002

This is a small 8 seater Meeting Room which has the capasity for a flipchart and whiteboard to be available upon request and subject to availability


  • Seminar Room 6a6b

Picture 018Picture 019

This is a split room that can be separated into 2 - 20 seater classrooms or a large 40 seater classroom as it has a removable room divider. A Laptop, Projector, DVD and Video facilities. Additional equipment are Whiteboard and Flipchart as standard.


  • Seminar Room 7

Picture 013Picture 015

This is a 20 seater Classroom. A Laptop, Projector, DVD and Video facilies. Additional equipment are Whiteboard and Flipchart as standard.


  • Seminar Room 8

IMG 5778IMG 5780

This is our large boardroom style room. Whilst it has a laptop, projector and flipchart - it also houses two videoconferencing facilities. We are able to provide ISDN and IP videoconferencing provided that we have the information in advance to ensure that all is working correctly. There is also the use of a Microscope that can be viewed through the projector.


  • The Lecture Theatre

IMG 5791 IMG 5795

This is a state of the art Lecture theatre that can accomodate 163 people. It has integrated SMART Sympodium facilities with a HD Projector. The PC is MS Office 2010 compatable and aslo provides the use of a Visualiser and Microscope. The Lecture Theatre can also provide ISDN Videoconferencing if required.


  • Dining Room

IMG 5810

We are able to accomodate a dining facility that can be booked with our Lecture theatre or as a Venue for a Dinner. We can accomodate any number up to 160 with prior warning subject to availability.



Wirral Hospital has successful history within the field of Medical Education. We offer a comprehensive Foundation Programme, where trainees have the opportunity to work in a wide number of specialities including GP placements.


We at Wirral are pleased to announce that we have signed the Excellence in Teaching Pledge giving our commitment to education to all staff.


Teaching sessions are run weekly within the Education Centre, in addition to a full lunchtime teaching programme open to all postgraduate trainees.


Specialty Teaching takes place within the centre as well as within clinical areas of the hospital. The hospitals Clinical Skills Lab offer dedicated training programmes to all trainees.


Our Director of Education, along with our Three Clinical Tutors work alongside Educational Supervisors and Senior Clinicians, to ensure all training grade staff receive the support and guidance they require.


We have Close links with the Health Education England North West and our teaching programmes are accredited on an annual basis.


Postgraduate Lunchtime Teaching

The Education Centre at Arrowe Park Hospital porvides Postgraduate Medical Education at lunchtime during Terms. These are Every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:45 until 13:30 in the Lecture Theatre. Lunch is available for £1 from 12:00. The Term times are Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter.

Prog Summer 2014


Medical Clinical Meetings

These are held every Wednesday Lunchtime in the Lecture Theatre, Lunch is available for £1 during the same term times.

Wednesday Summer 2014


Foundation Year 1 Teaching

F1 Teaching is held in the Centre every Wednesday Morning between 08:00 - 09:00 in either the Lecture Theatre or Seminar Room 6a6b

F1 Ed Prog 2013 2014 MB WORKING X 2


Foundation Year 2 Teaching

F2 teaching is every Wednesday afternoon from 13:30 - 17:00 in either the Lecture Theatre or Seminar Room 6a6b.



Orthopaedic Teaching 

Monday Lunchtimes 13:00 - 14:00 Room 7 Education Centre

Courses & Events

The Education Centre is proud to be able to host the following events:-

 For Clinical Skills:-

  • Advanced Life Support Course - ALS Course
  • Neonatal Life Suport Course - NLS Course
  • Paediatric Life Support Course - PLS Course
  • Advanced Paediatric Life Support - APLS Course
  • Ill Medical Patient Acute Care Treatment - IMPACT Course 
  • Dementia Awareness

For Learning & Development:-

  • Corporate Induction
  • Mandatory Training

For Examinations:-

  • MRCP - Membership of the Royal College of Physicians
  • MRCS - Membership to the Royal College of Surgeons
  • PACES - Practice examinations for Membership
  • LOCAS - Liverpool Objective Clinical Assessment System

General Courses & Events:-

  • Train the Trainer
  • Revalidation & Appraisal Training 
  • Medical Supervision level 1
  • Step up from 1 to 2 Medical Supervision
  • Nutrician Study Day
  • Daring Bugs - Infection Control Awarness Day

Multidisciplinary Team Meetings (MDTs):-

  • Haematology MDT - Monday Afternoon - Seminar Room 8
  • Penile MDT - Wednesday Lunchtime 12:30 - 14:00 - Seminar Room 8
  • Paediatric Grand Round - Thursday Afternoon - Seminar Room 8
  • Urology MDT - Friday afternoon - Seminar Room 8
Study Leave

Please click the link for the Senior Study Leave Expenses Form

Please click the link for the Foundation (F2’s) Doctors Study Leave Expense Claim Form

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