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Nursing Staff

Denise Williams - Respiratory Nurse Consultant/Service Manager

IMG 0360


Enid Connah - Respiratory Specialist Nurse (Oxygen and COPD)

IMG 0365


Elizabeth Chidlow - Respiratory Specialist Nurse (Oxygen and COPD)



Maureen Williams - Respiratory Specialist Nurse (COPD)



Joanne Seaborne - Respiratory Specialist Nurse (COPD and Oxygen)

IMG 0464


Catherine Roberts - Respiratory Support Nurse (Oxygen)

IMG 0460


Katie O'Dowd - Respiratory Support Nurse (COPD)

IMG 0463


June Roberts - Respiratory Support Nurse (COPD)

IMG 0436


 Emily Davies - Assistant Practitioner

IMG 0357


Physiotherapy Staff

Stuart Parkinson - Senior Respiratory Physiotherapist/Pulmonary Rehabilitation Lead

IMG 0362


Fiona Bradshaw - Respiratory Physiotherapist



Jane Casey - Physiotherapy Assistant/Smoking Cessation Advisor

IMG 0459


Wendy Franks - Physiotherapy Assistant/Administration/Smoking Cessation Advisor

IMG 0367

Admin Staff

Linda Bennett - Receptionist and Appointment Clerk

IMG 0462


Lindsay Lewis - Secretary

IMG 0371


Karen Redfern - Oxygen Co-ordinator

IMG 0369


COPD Early Supported Discharge Team

Liz Thomas - Respiratory Support Nurse ESD



Dorothy Davies - Respiratory Support Nurse ESD



Gemma Adams - Respiratory Support Nurse ESD



Jolene Kinsella - Clinical Support Worker ESD



Becky Torpey - Admin Assistant ESD


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