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Frequently asked questions

Q1. How long will it take to complete the Care Certificate?

A. This will depend upon the individulal undertaking this training.  The Trust expects any CSW/AHP support worker undertaking this training to have it completed within 26 weeks (national guidance is 12 weeks, so we've been quite understnading).


Q2. What happens if I am unable to complete within this time frame?

A. This would be discussed with your line manager and the time frame extended if extenuating circumstances are proven.


Q3. Who will support me in completing this workbook and/or can assess me/sign off my workbook?

A. Your line manager is your point of contact for general Care Certificate related questions. You can discuss the standard(s) you have a query about with any qualified NMC/AHP (that is not in precetptorship) they are also permitted to 'sign off' both individual standards or the completed workbook however please ensure you let your line manager know when you have finished so they can keep an eye out for your certificate.


Q4. Will I get a certificate?

A. Yes a certifcate will be awarded on completion of all components.  This will be electronically issued to your manager on receipt of the completion notification form. 


Q5. If I leave and get a job in another hospital, will I have to do this again?

A. As this is a nationally recognised qualification if you have either completed individual standards or the entire award, then the work you have done will be accepted by your new employer (they will want evidence so keep your workbook and the certificate, if you have completed).


Q6. I have worked in this hospital for many years. Can I do the Care Certifcate?

A. The Care Certifcate can be awarded if you have attended CSW/AHP support worker Core Skills Course (even if it was a while a go) and completed the workbook.


Q7. I want to join NHS Professionals (nurse bank) but they tell me I need the Care Certificate before I can join, how do i go about this?

A.  It is correct that the Care Certificate is mandatory to join NHS Professional but even as an existing member of our staff you can undertake the Care Certificate training at any time.  Just download the workbook and off you go (dont forget to let your ward sister know that you are doing it so they can support you).


Q8. I am an Assistant Practitoner that has completed the 'Foundations in Health & Social Care  (Assistant Practitioner)' Foundation Degree in Sciences. Do I need the Care Certificate?

A. No. The Care Certificate is for all other band 1 - 4 clinical support worker (no matter any other title they hold/speciality they are in).


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