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Mandatory Training CPR information & links


Mandatory Training

All clinical staff receive CPR training during induction and it is mandatory to attend for update training every 18 months.


For further information on the frequency of update CPR training please refer to the Mandatory Training Matrix.


Options for update training are:

Face-to-Face - Resuscitation Officer or Resuscitation and Clinical Skills facilitator teaches this session and assessment is continual.  The sessions are speciality dependant and you need to book onto the right one for your speciality.  Session duration for 1.5 hours 


Blended -

  1. You watch the video (based on YouTube) via the intranet (link below)
  2. Print the Declaration form (you will see the link under the video short cut)
  3. Then you will need to book onto and attend a Blended Assessment session (open to all clinical staff and is not speciality dependant). The assessment blocks are for an hour however you will only be there for a portion of it.  You will be assess on the relavent areas (this is dependant on speciality & grade of your job).  Assessments last (on average) between 10-20 min.  


Click here to access the blended learning training packages - remember to print the declaration form, the link to the form is on this page too and bring it with you to your assessment session.


Click here to book onto the Mandatory CPR Training


If you are struggling to gain access via the intranet the direct links to youtube either copy and paste link or click on the link


Direct YouTube links:

The Adult and Paeds direct Youtube link https://youtu.be/3FOKykntsLA is for:

  •  ALL Medical / Nursing / AHP / Midwives (all specialities / all grades)
  •  Portering staff with patient contact
  •  Any other staff who are interested in gaining knowledge of Adult / Paediatric CPR – no assessment for these staff.


The newborn resuscitation direct Youtube link https://youtu.be/DhXEneDJr4Q is for all:

  •  Midwives
  •  Obstetric medical staff
  •  Neonatal medical and nursing staff
  •  Any other medical / nursing / AHP staff that may be involved in a newborn / neonatal emergencies
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