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Who are we?

Chaplains from all the main Christian churches, assisted by teams of volunteers, are available to everyone - staff, patients and visitors.  They are part of the Hospital staff and care about the welfare of everyone in the Hospital - whether of any religion or none.  They have time to spend with anyone who needs to talk or would appreciate support.  Anything said to them is treated in strict confidence. 



Lead Chaplain:

         Andrew Scaife (Church of England)

Assistant Chaplains:

         Dave Nugent (Church of England)

         Chris Girvan (Free Church)

         Les Arch (Roman Catholic)

  • George  Palmer (Methodist)
  • Anne Bedford ( United Reformed)
  • Heather McLeod ( United Reformed)
  • Paul Dunne (Pentecostal)
  • Carol Natton (Methodist)


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