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Chapels and Services

The chapels are multi-faith spaces available for everyone and are always open.  They provide a quiet space for reflection, prayer or a few minutes break in a busy day.  Please feel free to pop in. 

If they do not have what you need, please give us a call and we will try and assist you.  There are other smaller multi-faith prayer rooms on both sites too and we can also provide contact details of faith groups / leaders in Merseyside.

The Chapel at Arrowe Park is on the first floor next to Ward 10. 

At Clatterbridge it is on the main corridor. 

If you require a bedside service or communion please just let us know.

Details of all services and events will also be posted at the Chapels.

The Chapels and the multi-faith prayer rooms are also available for Muslim Friday Prayers too and all other faith groups. 

There are also religious texts available at the Chapels to borrow.

If you have a prayer request there is a prayer request book at Arrowe Park and a pinboard at Clatterbridge (please do not write confidential information as these requests can be seen by all).


#PROUD to care for you