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Here you will find links that can help you if you have a problem with your Hearing Aid before you contact the Audiology Department.

Hearing Aid Repair Flow Chart

 A downloadable flow chart "Quick Check Guide for Hearing Aid Repairs" can be accessed by 'clicking' here.


To check if the battery has been inserted correctly, either use the 'drop down' menu below or click 'here'

 Ear Moulds and Life Tips

An Ear Mould or Life Tip is the part of the hearing aid that fits into the ear. For a step by step guide on ear moulds please view the following links:


If the help you need is not covered by any of the above, please contact us.  For contact details please click here.

How To Correctly Insert A Battery

Firstly, please note, there are different Makes and Models of Hearing Instrument and correct battery Insertion will be a variation of one of the following themes.


Phonak Nathos Micro – Top View

Battery Micro Top

Phonak Nathos Micro – Side View

Battery Micro Side

Phonak Nathos M / SP-W – Top View

Battery M SP W Top

Phonak Nathos M / SP-W – Side View

Battery M SP W Side

Siemens Range ( M, DP, DSP ) – Side View

Batteries Siemens Range

Phonak Nathos S+ Micro – Top & Side View

Battery Splus Micro Top Side

Phonak Nathos S+ M – Top & Side View

Battery Splus M Top Side

Phonak Nathos S+ UP-W – Top & Side View

Battery Splus UP W Top Side

Hearing Aid Repair Flow Chart


Hearing Aid Repair Flow Chart


Quick Check

 Hearing Aid Tips


 Possible Cause 

 Possible solution 

 Hearing Aid sound is  weak

 Weak or dead battery

 Replace with new battery


 Ear mould blocked 

 Clean ear mould


 Volume too low 

 Turn up volume control

 Hearing Aid whistles 

 Incorrect fitting in the ear 

 Try inserting the ear mould until it fits securely 


 Blocked with ear wax or  excessive wax in ears  

 Clean ear mould or contact  your NHS audiologist 


 Crack in ear mould tubing 

 See your NHS audiologist

 Distorted or
 intermittent sound

 Volume control is too high

 Lower volume control


 Weak battery  

 Replace battery   

 Buzzing or
 Whistling sound

 Battery compartment not  completely closed

 Gently close compartment 


 Weak battery  

 Replace battery  

 Hearing Aid does not  work 

 Hearing Aid not turned on

 Turn on Hearing Aid


 Dead battery

 Replace with new battery 


 Battery compartment not  completely closed

 Gently close compartment door completely


 Battery polarity reversed  

 Make sure battery is inserted the correct way around

Decibel (dB) Exposure Times

Db Exposure Times

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