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Who are Supervisors of Midwives?
Supervisors of Midwives are experienced, practicing midwives who have undertaken additional education and training to provide support and guidance for you and the midwives throughout your maternity care.

What is the role of a Supervisor of Midwives?

  • Supervisors of Midwives give guidance and support to both you and the midwives and ensure that the care offered is right for you, is given in the right place, by the right person and that it will benefit you and your baby
  • Supervisors of Midwives develop and maintain safe practice to ensure you, your baby and family are protected
  • They meet regularly with midwives to ensure a high standard of care is provided
  • Every midwife must have a named Supervisors of Midwives
  • The Supervisor is accountable to and supported in her role by the Local Supervising Authority Midwifery Office

How a Supervisor of Midwives can help you

  • By listening to and being an advocate for women who have concerns about their maternity care
  • By supporting and advising you and your midwife in your care choices, for example, place of birth
  • By providing an environment that encourages the best possible communication between you and your midwife about your care

How to contact a Supervisor
There is a Supervisor of Midwives on call 24 hours a day.
You may contact a Supervisor of Midwives at Wirral Women and Children’s Hospital by calling: 0151 604 7111Or: wih-tr.wirralsoms@nhs.net
For further information: www.nmc-uk.org/publications/information-for-the-public

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