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Fetal Medicine Unit

The Fetal Medicine Unit is situated on the ground floor of the Women and Children’s Unit. The service is led by two Consultants specialising in fetal medicine, supported by a team of midwives.

Telephone number
0151 604 7024

Why might you be referred?

  • An abnormality has been suspected/ identified on your routine scan
  • A screening test has identified you as being in a high risk group
  • You are expecting a multiple pregnancy
  • You have a medical condition that may affect your baby
  • You have had complications in a previous pregnancy

Following your consultation and scan, further investigations may be offered such as an amniocentesis or chorionic villus sampling (CVS)

Useful links
Antenatal results and Choices www.arc-uk.org
Contact a family www.cafamily.org.uk
Twins and multiple births association www.tamba.org.uk
Multiple Births www.multiplebirths.org.uk
Cleft lip and palate association www.clapa.com
Unique www.rarechromo.org
Downs syndrome organisation http://www.downs-syndrome.org.uk/

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