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Eden Suite

The Eden Suite boasts a home from home atmosphere in order to make your experience as relaxing and enjoyable as possible.

Recently, Liverpool FC Stars Luis Suarez and Lucas Leiva and their wives chose the Eden Suite for the birth of their children:



In the new, state-of-the-art unit, the rooms have been designed to be as non-clinical as possible, aiming to provide a comfortable and relaxing area in which to have your baby.

Eden Suite 1Eden Suite 2Eden Suite 3

There are 2 poolrooms for women who wish to have labour and/or give birth in water. Water can be an effective pain reliever and muscle relaxant and is becoming increasingly popular for childbirth. There is also a poolroom in the main delivery suite.

Food and drinks are freely available, as adequate nutrition and hydration are essential to enable you to labour effectively.

All care is individualised, planned with you, your partner and your Midwife. We will strive to fulfil your wishes at this exciting time. Early discharge is available, straight from the Eden Suite.

There is a team of skilled Neonatal Midwife Practitioners who will visit you at home to perform your baby’s first examination, i.e. check your baby’s hips, heart, etc.

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