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Get Involved: Better Maternity Services for Wirral

Maternity Services Liaison Committee is a statutory group set up by the NHS Wirral to encourage parents/ parents to be, health professionals as well as other key agencies to look at ways of further improving maternity health services in Wirral.

The group’s main goals are to:

  • look at patient involvement and the literature produced to patients
  • ensure services are consistently of a high quality
  • implement the national standards recommended from the Children’s National Service Framework (NSF)
  • look at service specification and recommend improvements
  • look at safety standards

How much time will it take to go?

Approximately 2 hours every two to three months

Will child care provision be provided?

Yes - a crèche facility will be made available free of charge at the meeting location point. In addition, travel expenses will be covered.

Why should I go to the maternity meetings?

  • To help to further improve and shape-up future maternity services for the benefit of mums and dads in the future
  • To build contacts and networking in Wirral
  • Your experience is invaluable to the NHS - and the NHS wants you to get involved and to help!
  • Share good practice and help to make services better.

How do I get involved?

Please contact the Wirral Maternity Services  Liaison Committee team free on 0800 085 1547 or email: 


#PROUD to care for you